April marks the
arrival of Earth Day!

What is SnackSack?

SnackSack is a monthly delivery of smarter
snacking suited to provide you with nutritious
goodies. You’re probably wondering, what can
possibly be so genius about snacks. Simply put,
we're kicking artificial junk to the curb. Your
snacking should be about wholesome simple
ingredients, full of deliciousness. It's not just
snacking, but most about taking steps to live
your best life. That’s our promise to you.

Super powers, galore.

Having SnackSack delivered to your home or
office space can quickly elevate you into a new
superhero status. Rewarding your family, friends,
or colleagues can be beneficial to all involved,
including you. Take our word for it, everybody
will greatly appreciate you for doing something
so special. Power Up!

Let the snacking begin.

We're constantly on the lookout for unique, innovative
companies, who share out mission for
smarter snacking. What’s smarter snacking without
delicious tasty treats? We set the bar really high, in
terms of the snacks we share with you. Don’t
expect us to lower it ever.

Finely tuned to you.

We’ve all been through the snack food
section at your standard boring grocery
mart. It’s full of artificial junk, lacks any sort
of unique all-natural or organic snack
foods, and isn’t fun. We introduce you to a
tailored snacking experience that gets to
know your snacking habits the more you
snack with us. We’re about to do this
through feedback data, and a super smart
snacking curation team!

All about discovery.

Outside of the isle is how we think when we
look at introducing new snacks to our
members. We go above and beyond to
feature smarter snacking that is not just
delicious, but pushes the envelope on unique
and creative, Each month, we share with you
11-13 new snacks from super cool brands we
love. You’ll find 4 unique snacking plans;
Classic, Vegan, Gluten-Free, and Vegan+GF.

Live your best life.

Smarter snacking is just the beginning of
our vision. A life of health,happiness, clarity,
love, family, and balance is what we strive
for. The community we’ve built on smarter
snacking is awesome, and continues to
amaze us daily. If anything, we hope you
find inspiration to live a life of intention,
and discover new ways and habits to live a
healthy lifestyle. Live your best life!


What's the most popular snacking term length?

We have several plans, and terms to choose from. Select from month to month pay-as-you-go, or one of our 3, 6, or 12 month terms. Our 6 month prepaid term is easily our most popular, or save the most with our 1 year term!

Will I know what snacks I receive each month?

No. That’s part of the appeal though, right? It’s a complete surprise each and every month. We curate our monthly SnackSack collections based on seasonal themes and new discoveries we feel are worth sharing with you!

What's included in a SnackSack subscription?

You will find 11-13 unique better-for-you snacks! Always perfectly balanced variety, and flavors you will love!. You can add-on a SnackSack tote for extra, if you choose.. Take it anywhere you’d like - it’s the star of the show!

Any way to have SnackSack delivered to my office?

We’ve all been there. You're working hard at the office, and there's not a snack in sight. Have your office manager reach out to us, and we'll setup a customized SnackSack plan for your team. We're excited to introduce you to smarter snacking.

How exactly does SnackSack gifting work?

SnackSack is the perfect gift for family, friends, and colleagues! Who doesn't love snacking, and trying new unique healthier treats?. Choose the appropriate SnackSack plan, for how many months, write a short email gift message, and voila! That’s it, we take care of the rest.

Our packaging is beautiful, we hope you love it.

We like to think that you’re opening a beautifully wrapped present every month. We undoubtedly believe the experience you have with SnackSack will be superior than any others. If it isn't, be sure to let us know.

What if I fall in love with a particular snack?

We work with the finest smarter snacking brands, and always include coupons and links to where you can find the best deal! Tune into our social for more details.

I loved my first SnackSack, what happens now?

Awesome! We're busy getting your next delivery ready. We love hearing from you, so reach out to us, and let us know what you liked. If you ever want to modify or cancel your subscription, just sign in to your account.

Do you offer a SnackSack that is both Vegan and Gluten-Free?

Yes, we sure do! Currently, we have 4 different plans to choose from, including SnackSack Classic, SnackSack Vegan, SnackSack Gluten-Free, and our newest plan, SnackSack Vegan+GF.