Fall is here!
We're thrilled to
share all the flavors
you enjoy when you
think of Fall.
Grab your October SnackSack
before they're
all sold out.
They will ship on
October 17th!

What is SnackSack?

SnackSack takes great pride in delighting your
tastebuds every month with healthier junk-free snacks.
Think of SnackSack as the only way to truly snack
smarter! Each month we send you 11-15 snacks
that are either USDA organic, Non-GMO project
verified, certified vegan, fair-trade, or gluten-free. Don’t expect to receive any artificial junk, we aren’t about that!

Become a hero at home
& the office.

Having SnackSack delivered to your home or
office can quickly escalate you into hero status.
Rewarding your family or colleagues can be
beneficial to all involved. Everybody will greatly
appreciate you for doing something so special!

Top shelf, the best
of the best.

We're constantly on the lookout for great companies
making delicious, creative, and healthier snack
foods. We set the bar high in terms of the snacks
we share with you. Don’t expect us to lower
it anytime soon!

How is this different
from buying snacks at a

We’ve all been through the snack food
section at standard supermarkets. It’s full of
mostly artificial junk. The lack of creative
all-natural or organic snack foods can be
frustrating. Even at local natural grocers, the
selection can be repetitive. That’s where we
save you by delivering a curated sack of
delicious goodies once a month.

SnackSack Classic,
Gluten-free & Vegan!

We realize everybody has their own snacking
preferences, and we certainly deliver on that!
Choose between SnackSack Classic, SnackSack Vegan,
and SnackSack GF. We want you to have options,
and that's exactly what you get at SnackSack!

Snack anywhere & everywhere.

If you’re anything like us, we get hungry pretty
much everywhere - not just when we’re lounging
at home or putting in long hours on a work project.
project. Throw SnackSack in your bag on your
next weekend camping adventure - you won’t
regret it. Be sure to share some with your mates, too!


Do I have to sign a contract, and what is the best deal for me?

We have several plans to choose from, and the choice is up to you. Select from month to month pay-as-you-go, or one of our multi-month plans. Our 3 month prepaid plan is our most popular, but we also offer 6 and 12 month options for those who are commited to snackin' smarter!

Will I know what snacks I receive each month?

No. That’s part of the appeal though, right? It’s a complete surprise each and every month. We curate our monthly selection based on seasonal themes and new discoveries we feel are worth sharing with you!

What is included in my monthly SnackSack subscription?

You will find a variety of delicious healthier junk-free snacking options. We send you your very own SnackSack in month #1, perfect for any occasion or event. Take it anywhere you’d like - it’s the star of the show

Too busy you missed lunch?…or even dinner on those late nights.

We’ve all been there. You worked your butt off all day at the office, or missed a meal at home. It stinks having just a few granola bars to keep you going. We both know that doesn’t work! Let us introduce you to SnackSack, your new BFF.

Can I send a gift for a family member, friend or even a colleague at work?

Certainly! We specialize in gifting of all sizes. For all small quantities, simply choose who you want to surprise, write a short gift message, and voila! That’s it, we take care of the rest. The choice is up to you if you'd like the gift to renew or be a one-time present. You can also purchase gifts for large groups! We’d love to help out, so get in touch with us!

Our packaging is beautiful, we hope you love it.

We like to think that you’re opening a beautifully wrapped present every month. We undoubtedly believe the experience you have with SnackSack will be superior than any others. If it isn't, be sure to let us know.

What if I fall in love with a particular snack?

Let us know, and we can put you in touch with the best deal we can find.

So I enjoyed my first month with SnackSack, what happens now?

Nothing, just wait for next month. Reach out to us through email or social media, and let us know what you liked. If you want to modify or cancel your subscription, please do so by the 25th of the current month.

Do you offer an all gluten-free or all vegan SnackSack?

Yep! We offer 3 SnackSacks, each including 12 snacks per month. SnackSack Classic is a mix of Non-GMO, GF, Vegan, Fair-trade, & Organic snacks. We also offer more catered options, SnackSack Gluten-Free & SnackSack Vegan. 100% specific snacking, just for you!